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The contents of this section are just a tiny extract of my daily projects and interests. My interests are mainly programming related, often the design of various things and 'how to get organized best with (.*)'. Programming is still a big part of my life as for other people is watching television - a part of around 20 years. Keeping the interest alive is made by always looking further into new libraries and various programming languages and techniques. Most of my sources of my old programms are lost or somewhere on old drives.

See my github for my past work. Some releases might be found here here as dist package.

Projects with Companies
  • 2017 - today:
    • Building a persistent generic data importer from scratch for generic 3rd-party file formats like CSV, XML (C++):
      • Fault tolerancy in case of corrupt import files
      • XML based configuration defining the directory and file structure
      • Data transformation and aggregated values using formulas (GiNaC)
      • Configuration of input/output directory and file format; File discovery
      • Handling of resuming an import after a restart of the tool
    • Multiple data import services for RESTful/similar 3rd-party data sources (C++, Python, Bash)
    • A persistent service for accepting 3rd-party import files via http(s) (C++)
    • A data migration proxy for temporary data duplication and transformation (C++)
    • Maintenance of internal tools and libraries (C++, Python)
    • Giving Docker and SaltStack related Workshops
    • Wrapping an internal knowledge base for use inside a customer portal (Docker, XSLT)
    • DevOps related tasks:
      • Introduction of SaltStack for Configuration Management
      • A complete rewrite of all projects to CMake including handling of dynamically linked 3rd-party dependencies and preparing all projects for use with C++11
      • Designing and implementing a desployment workflow
      • Introduction of Git and GitLab (also setup and mantenance)
      • Creating Docker images for Jira, Servicedesk, Confluence and Crowd and migration from plain installations to docker containers
      • Merge of a Jira and Servicedesk instance using their full XML backups (Perl, XML::LibXML)
      • Major version upgrades of Servicedesk, Confluence and Crowd
      • Designing a borgbackup and lvm based backup solution
  • 2016: Server setup and administration. Design and implementation of docker based customer realms including customer administration and self administration.
  • 2014: A data acquisition control and monitor (C++, ncurses) for the Tunka Experiment on behalf of the DESY. This included visiting and working at the site for two weeks.
  • 2013 till end of 2014: Writing a design converter for the IHP in C++.
  • 2011 till end of 2015: Writing reports and tools for the EAM software ARIS at Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke AG. Implementation of script scheduling and automation using an external powershell script. Configuration and modification of the tomcat webapp ARIS IT Inventory. Modifications include elaborate import handling, factsheet subscription with email notifications, UI changes and bugfixes. Prototyping mobile reporting applications using a REST API with Cordova (PhoneGap).
Bigger Programming Related Projects
  • Routing approach for digital, differential bipolar designs using virtual fat-wire boundary pins [IEEE]
Design Projects
  • 2017: Small set of pixel animations explosion smoke
  • 2016: Some character faces p3 p2 p1 e1 drawn in photoshop
  • 2016: A house using real textures in cycles renderer
  • 2016: A weapon chest using cycles renderer in blender
  • 2015: Structure of an old house
  • 2015: Old farm house in blender
  • 2015: Selfdesigned level including modelling and integration into unity (video)
  • 2015: Modelling a 'tech guy' in blender (screenshot)
  • 2015: Car modelling cars in blender (1 2)
  • 2015: A pirate model created in blender (with bone animations)
  • 2005-today: Various homepages (both dynamic and static) including their designs (e.g. this one)
Other Projects
Old Other Projects
  • Deep looks into the WinAPI with C++, with Projects like an interactive chat. The backlog was a RichEdit based text view, where images could be embedded using OLE
  • 2010: Self written mail notification tray icon for POP3 servers
  • Self written webpage builder for interactive pages
  • Self written quick access toolbar with drag&drop item placement
  • Self written process explorer done with WinAPI and C++
  • Looking deeper into the Windows PE format and either modifying existing programs to change their default behaviour or hooking into existing ones during runtime
  • Various experiments with Qt3 and wxWidgets
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